be intentional with your money.


Young Dope & Rich is a financial coaching company for millennial women who want to be more intentional with their finances and become financially free. We have unique financial challenges and I am here to help you overcome those obstacles. Through one on one coaching and other courses and content, Young Dope & Rich hopes to help clients ditch debt and build wealth by reshaping the relationship and being more intentional with money.


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Ta'Von Yuille, CFEI (2017) Financial Coach & Founder of Young Dope & Rich

My mission is to help you become financially free and build wealth by changing your money mindset and helping you become more intentional about your cash flow. We will work together, and I’ll show you ways to use money as a tool to live your best life.

I’m not here to sell you investments or securities. My goal is to help you understand your money history, navigate and take charge of your current financial situation, and get on the path towards building wealth.