How To Recognize and Repair Your Relationship with Money

How To Recognize and Repair Your Relationship with Money

Understanding, and actively working towards improving, your relationship with money is beneficial to your overall financial health. The current state of this relationship may not even be your fault, but it is important that you cultivate and foster a positive money mindset. Holding onto negative views and bad experiences is limiting your financial success and the ways that you act towards money. Here are some things to consider as you work towards building and maintaining a healthy relationship with money:

Your money history

  • Your family’s financial situation

  • Memories of having or not having money

  • How you viewed the financial situations of the people around you (how did you feel about your wealthy or not so wealthy friends and/or family members?)

How do you feel about success?

  • Do you feel like financial success is attainable or do you have doubts that you need to work through?

  • Believing that you are worthy of and can achieve financial success is part of the battle. How do you define success?

Are you comfortable with your current financial situation?

  • Are you content?

  • Are you unhappy?

  • Are you settling for “good enough”?

Now as an adult, how do you view people who are wealthy?

  • Do you envy their success or view them as greedy?

  • Do you believe that you, too, can be wealthy or does it seem far fetched?

  • Are you happy for them, do you feel bad for yourself, or both? Neither?

After you think about your answers to the questions above, think about what steps you can take to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. You can’t rewrite your money history, but you can work on changing your limiting beliefs and creating a better financial future. If you have thoughts or ideas of lack, work on changing your mindset to expect, invite, and accept abundance. 

What are some things that you can do right now to begin changing your money mindset and developing a positive relationship with money?


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